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Eyes on Diamonds: Can Jewelers Spot Lab-Grown Gems with just a Glance?

Eyes on Diamonds: Can Jewelers Spot Lab-Grown Gems with just a Glance?

The short answer is no, absolutely not, and if your jeweler happens to do just that,  then it's time to change your jeweler. A lab-grown diamond gets its name because it is grown from a tiny natural diamond to a desired size in a laboratory. It's like saying an embryo fertilized in the womb and then incubated to a full-grown infant is not a real child. Of course, this is a hypothesis, but you get the gist.

So now, if a grown diamond is identical to a natural diamond, how will a jeweler tell the difference just by looking at it? Even a standard diamond testing machine is not going to make the cut. They need a highly sophisticated technique, such as spectroscopy and microscopy, that can differentiate between lab-grown and natural diamonds.

Consumers must be careful, as inaccurately tested lab-grown diamonds might register as moissanite. To mitigate this risk, consumers are advised to ensure that diamonds undergo testing using appropriate equipment, preferably right in front of them, with a suitable machine. It is also crucial to ask questions and request documentation and certifications when purchasing diamonds to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

If you have a lab diamond or a natural diamond that you think you want to get tested, Azzallure would love to test your stones. Give us a shout-out on our Instagram  and we will get back to you!!


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