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Azzallure was created to serve the one of the most passionate extension of a woman’s personality, her jewelry. Azzallure designs and creates exclusive wearable jewelry that will stand the test of time, and inspire a generation of confident beautiful women.

We are our greatest critic and competition and with that in our mind, we have designed a limited, yet exclusive collection of affordable jewelry, just for you, to wear a lifetime.

Azzallure brings you the advantage of selecting finely crafted, limited edition and a timeless collection delivered right to your door step.

Azzallure was created from a personal need, a need to be exclusive and ahead of the trends, a need to be price conscious and prudent, a need to find value and a need for it to last a lifetime, our satisfaction comes from our customers who have found the advantages of Azzallure in our jewelry.

Our range of products includes cocktail couture rings and earrings, subtle Bridal Sets and exotic broaches. Along with our innovative products we strive to combine affordable pricing with fantastic customer service resulting in a fast and efficient shopping experience!


Every moissanite is authenticated with a GRA warranty. Just like a diamond the warranty card number matches the number inscribed on the girdle of the moissanite. Every one of our moissanite stones are GRA certified.

Moissanites share the same standard of color and carat gradation as that of diamonds. Just like diamonds the certified number on the warranty card matches the number inscribed on the girldle of the moissanite.

Moissanites are cut exactly like diamonds and sparkle twice as much because they have a dual refractive property while diamond has a single refractive property.