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If you ever set eyes on moissanite, you will realize that it is one of the most beautiful stones you have ever seen in your entire life. It is sad and unfortunate that moissanite does not get the deserved attention only because most jewelers have never seen a real moissanite and hence are not equipped to recommend such a beautiful stone to their clients. Another reason why moissanite is such a huge secret is because it is so affordable, and most women, after seeing it, will always choose it over a natural or lab-created diamond.

Where do moissanites come from? Believe it or not, they actually come from stars, hence their nickname "diamond from the stars." Every time a meteorite hits the earth, if we earthlings are lucky, there could be a moissanite embedded in it. How is moissanite different from a diamond? A moissanite has almost the same hardness as a diamond and twice the shine and brilliance of a diamond. This precise and amazing quality actually makes people not want to buy moissanites because they want to portray the fact that they are affluent enough to own and flaunt natural diamonds. They prefer lab-created diamonds so they can pass them off as natural diamonds in the hope of elevating their monetary status.

How I wish people could wear moissanite for the sheer pleasure of its beauty rather than for social status seeking.

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